A GSS steward helps with keeping the restaurants, bars, or parlors perfect and sterile, helps with cleaning dishes and watches out for clients' necessities. Our support staff may likewise perform fundamental managerial assignments, for example, noting telephones, taking reservations, and giving out essential data. GSS staff members are specifically professionals in these sectors.


Garud Support Service staff are also very well-trained waiters. All staff members are well-trained professionals. All the trained staff members will always be in a good appearance, punctual, cordial, and hospitable, and will have a profound knowledge of the menu. They are always prepared for the complete satisfaction of the customers.


Choosing the right catering service staff can be quite a difficult task for people. Our GSS staff caterers will ensure that the whole event is covered with welcome drinks through to goodbyes with care and gratitude. Most of our staff members are highly experienced and trained for this service. The presentation and attitude of my caterers always proper and well-mannered.

Catering Shift Manager

With professional catering staff members, we also have expertise in managing those catering, also known as a catering shift manager. GSS support staff members are very good at leading the teams of chefs and as well as catering assistants. Our staff members take full responsibility in organizing and running the day-to-day catering operations and run services in resorts, hotels, and restaurants. Our GSS support staff always monitors the quality of the food that is offered during the catering with which they make sure the outlet is performing well.

Restaurant Manager

We also have staff members who are professionally trained to become a restaurant manager. They are well-trained for being responsible for leading and managing the restaurant. Our staff members are trained in doing different tasks such as recruiting and hiring new staff members, training new staff members, developing menus, restaurant marketing strategies, and serving and greeting the restaurant guests. Our GSS staff members are well-trained in performing all those tasks professionally.

Assistant Restaurant Manager

Keeping a perfect school climate sets a genuine guide to understudies. It urges students to invest wholeheartedly in their college or school, which makes them more averse to drop litter and as such, they will possibly put forth a greater attempt to keep up their current circumstance. Our support staff members who are highly trained are divided into groups for cleaning the education grounds as well for the health safety of the students.

Room Attendant

As GSS staff members are trained to perform tasks in various sectors of work, they are also trained in being a room attendant. Our staff is trained from the basics to the extraordinary level of being a room attendant. We have trained our staff to perform tasks such as, changing towels, making beds, cleaning the bathroom, etc. Our staff members can also address the client's queries and makes sure that the rooms are always clean and welcoming. Our staff members are professional trained in performing all those responsibilities mentioned above.

Pool Cleaner

We have also trained our GSS staff members to do the tasks of a pool cleaner. They are well-trained for cleaning the pool and making it healthier for the people to swim. Our staff members are professionally trained in testing the chemical levels and adding chemicals in the pool to prevent bacteria growth. Our staff members can professional do skimming of the swimming pool, and also vacuuming and cleaning the bottom of the pool.