Office Support Staff

Cashier / Teller

As our Garud support staff members can also operate various kinds of jobs, we cashier/teller are professionally trained to serve customers by completing any account transactions. Our staff members can provide account services to customers by receiving deposits and loan payments. Our staff can perform other various tasks such as cashing cheques, issuing savings withdrawals, recording night and mail deposits, selling cashier’s cheques, traveler’s cheques.

Receptionist / Telephone Operator

Our GSS staff members are also the well-trained receptionist and telephone operators. Our receptionist staff members are well-trained to take and distribute messages for guests, answer queries about hotel events, and providing information on guest services. Whereas our telephone operator staff members are trained in answering incoming calls, directing calls to guest’s rooms, staff, or departments using the switchboard or the telephone system.

Delivery Boy / Messeger

Our Garud delivery boy/messengers are professionally trained to pick up and deliver messages, packages, documents, or other items between offices or departments. Our staff members are trained to perform the duty of delivering by foot, bicycle, motorcycle, automobile, or public conveyance in which includes light trucks. Our delivery staff members are also properly licensed and well-trained drivers.

Store Keeper

Our GSS staff members can also perform the duties and responsibilities of being a storekeeper, also known as a store supervisor. They are well-trained to take stock of any inventory, can manage any store layout, supervise staff, and can keep records of the sales. All our staff members are very much responsible and dedicated to performing any jobs they are given.

Purchase Executive

Our purchase executive staff members are well-trained to manage and report the day-to-day functioning of the purchasing department. Our staffs have complete visibility on open purchase and job work orders, quotations, and pending receipt. Our purchase executive staff can authorize and evaluate goods receipt and ensure adherence quality.

CCTV Monitoring

Our Garud staff members are very used to working in a central control room, in which they can monitor and control a bank of screens. Our security staff members are professionally trained to monitor, public places, buildings, and as well as construction sites. We can provide full assurance in detecting and preventing crimes to protect the general public.

Ticket Counter

Our GSS staff members can work as a ticker counter agent as well. Our staff members are professionally trained to use any computer devices to provide customer service to incoming passengers. Our staff members can be the ticket counter agent at the airport, the bus station, as well as train stations. Our staff members can also perform duties to provide any special treatment required for any passengers by letting it know to the flight, bus, or train attendants.