Other Services


Parking Attendant

In this massive population, parking attendant is required to save the people time of parking. Our GSS staff members are professionally trained in driving any vehicles and can manage the parking facility very well. That is why our staff can provide valet parking service as well. Our parking attendants are also trained to monitor any criminal activities, issue tickets, and collect payments for parking fees.


Trolley Assistant

Our staff members can be a very good use of being a trolley assistant. Our staff is mostly trained to work in the vicinity of the airport, and they can provide good trolley assistance for the people, and also collect the trolleys and bringing them back to their appropriate locations. We can also perform receptive tasks such as locating and returning trolleys.


Elevator Helper

Our GSS staff members are also assigned to perform simple tasks such as elevator helper for the ease of people. Our staff members are well-trained in asking and dropping people to their desired floor numbers. Our staff members are also trained to become very polite and providing good public service. Our elevator helper staff members can work in any environment required such as offices, malls, residential homes, etc.